Bittrex review 2024: Pros, cons, fees & more

bittrex review

Its nothing else than stealing.Dont expect any help from the support. One of the oldest centralized exchange with utmost security, liquidity for Buying/Selling bitcoins/cryptocurrencies. As I said earlier, you’ll need some cryptocurrency before you start using Bittrex. Here, you can buy cryptocurrency with the fiat currency of your choice (as of 2023, you can do this on Bittrex, too). The more popular cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Tether, have the most available trading pairs.

Another feature in the security aspect is 2-factor authentication (2FA). While a 2FA is optional, it is highly recommended because it increases the security levels of your Bittrex account. Unfortunately for some users, Bittrex is not available everywhere.

Who Should use Bittrex?

Lyle Daly is a personal finance writer who specializes in credit cards, travel rewards programs, and banking. He writes for The Ascent and The Motley Fool, and his work has appeared in USA Today and Yahoo! Finance. He was born in California but currently lives as a digital nomad with a home base in Colombia. But given Bittrex’s lack of phone support, account management will likely be mostly self-service.

  • Traders are able to buy crypto and hold it until the value increases or use it to buy other altcoins that will rise in value.
  • In our Bittrex review, we’ll go through the main features of the exchange and help you decide if it’s the right crypto trading venue for you.
  • The exchange also features SSL encryption for its domain and wallet and IP address whitelisting.
  • Bittrex claims that they use cold wallets to store users’ funds.
  • Even though they have an advanced web-based platform, there are quite a few traders who would like to access their account while away from the desk.
  • While Bittrex has developed quite a sophisticated exchange and trading platform, there are a few things that we thought warranted some improvement.

Deposits require a number of blockchain confirmations before being available for trade. The number of required confirmations depends on which cryptocurrency you’re depositing. It’s recommended you first deposit a small amount, to make sure everything is working correctly.

Bittrex Top Features Reviewed

There are other exchanges around that allow you to do that and are still compliant with regulations. We all get stuck from time to time and it’s nice to know that there’s someone to fall back on. Given that you have to give your location and provide ID documents from it in order to create your account, there doesn’t appear to be any work arounds.

bittrex review

Some of the fiat currencies you can trade for the listed assets include USD, GBP, and EUR. Bittrex has one main service it provides which is its trading platform. The platform bittrex review lists a wide variety of currencies and allows for standard spot trading orders to be executed. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform.

Bittrex Review Summary

For traders that frequently travel, Bittrex offers a mobile app available on IOS and Android devices. The app has a 4.6/5 star rating with over 3,000 reviews on the Apple App Store, the exchange is often praised for its ease of use and performance on mobile devices. The costs accrued when using Bittrex are significantly higher than larger exchanges like Binance, ByBit, and However, as Bittrex uses a volume-based structure, traders with significant capital can enjoy reasonable fees. Below, we’ve highlighted how Bittrex compares to a few other popular exchanges in terms of costs. Keep in mind that Bittrex is one of the low-cost exchanges and secures users’ funds in cold storage.

Bittrex attempts to take as little information as possible so that privacy is respected (i.e. name, surname, address, and date of birth). It is up to the users to determine the verification level they want to be at. The higher the level, the less limited they are when it comes to trading in Bittrex.